‘Walking in the Shoes’ are walking-talking workshops that explore the past and future of Norwich from a planetary perspective. Inspired by characters from the City’s we share ideas for Norwich (and our planet) to be safe, just and healthy in future. Explore the possible future through prompted conversations in places such as Kett’s Heights, Cow Tower, the Marble Hall, the Cathedral, Fishergate, Rosary Cemetery and many more. The walks are free, with a donation welcomed, and involves a small amount of preparation to walk in the shoes of a historical character.

The first four walks in Winter and Summer 2022-3 were pilots for an ongoing offer. The pilot walks defined four routes which are now offered to community and educational groups, business teams and tourist groups. Read this account of the first walkshop. Get in touch via the contact form or climatemuseumuk@gmail.com if you are interested to book a walkshop for your group.

Upcoming walks

These for individuals to book onto are taking place as part of the Possitopia Festival in November:

Sunday 19th November 3.00-4.30 Book here

Sunday 26th November 3.00-4.30 Book here

There will also be some dates set for individuals to join a walking group to wander more freely, to have in-depth conversations or visit particular sites (such as Arminghall Woodhenge). 

“I’m very glad I to have been able to take part as it was an excellent event, a thought-provoking and imaginative way of using the local environment and historical perspectives to consider future directions.” Teresa