Possitopia Norwich is a programme for activation on the Earth crisis, to open imaginations to possible futures of the City, of its wider bioregion and the Earth systems we all depend upon.

  • It is a project under the umbrella of Climate Museum UK, an experimental museum gathering and curating responses to the Earth crisis. It is a collective of creative practitioners across the UK, with a cluster of us in Norfolk.
  • As well as Activations, we aim to create a visitable space in Norwich, working with Norwich Eco Hub.
  • It is Possitopian, which means opening to all possibilities, not being stuck in either despairing Dystopian or wishful Utopian positions, facing the dire state of the planet while generating active hope.
  • It will offer opportunities for learning, conversation and planning for Norwich to become a regenerative City, tapping and reflecting its cultural heritage and its essence. 

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