We, the Norfolk-based members of Climate Museum UK, can run creative ‘activations’ in Norwich or beyond for your group or audience on the following themes:

Map Our Possible Place – a creative process to get to know your place with multiple eco-lenses, to find its essence and its needs, so that you can plan exactly what interventions are needed. Can be run in Norwich, or other places around Norfolk and East Anglia reachable by public transport. 

People Take Action – a creative process for groups to open up to a wider range of actions to tackle the Earth crisis. It offers eight pathways to action, so that you can feel empowered, inspired and informed to know what you can do. 

Creative Conversations – from our collection of handling objects, and a library of 250 books and pamphlets, and posters & games we can bring a selection to do art-making, creative writing, reading, and discussion activities. A typical activity is to make a visual installation inspired by quotes from the books. We also have several sets of cards that can used for game-play and to spark discussion on climate and environmental themes. 

Imagine Futures – developed through this pilot project funded by Festival Bridge, workshops that travel into the future to visualise what will happen to a place (or an organisation) with impacts of the Earth crisis if we take no action, then returning back to the present to equip ourselves with ideas, playing the roles that the future needs. We end the workshop by travelling back to the future again, sharing the interventions that will create a thriving, healthy and safe place and planet. We have a variety of adaptations that we can bring to suit your needs.

Possitopia Norwich Walkshops, 90 minute walks in Norwich, in which each participant is inspired by a character from the City’s history, to imagine safer, greener futures. 

Training for cultural & educational professionals or studentsonline or in person in East Anglia

So get in touch to chat about how we can adapt these to your needs. 

Costs are around £200-£300 for a 2-3 hour session, led by two people with materials provided.

We may need to charge more for venue hire, transport (if out of Norwich), additional facilitators for larger groups, or for bespoke creative inputs beforehand. 

We can discuss joint applications for funding, or discounted rates. 

Get in touch on climatemuseumuk@gmail.com and note that you came via the Possitopia Norwich site.